Carley is by first senior for 2018. She was here on vacation this July with her family, from Iowa. We only spoke on the phone, and texted some before meeting the first time. But, from her vision for her session and all the ideas she had, I can tell she is a very special and unique gal. The colorful murals in St. Pete and raw beauty of Pass-A-Grille illustrates her perfectly.


Friendly Reese's

Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups


Yes, you will be addicted. But, you're in luck. These will totally fit in your clean, when you want it to be, diet. And the best news is, you might have the ingredients in your kitchen right now. 



  • Dark Chocolate chips - 72% or more for the darkest chocolate, but I used 60% because that's what I had on hand.
  • Almond Butter - I used Barney & Co Bare Almond Butter.
  • Coconut oil 



  • Muffin Tin
  • Double boiler - I use two pots, because I don't actually have one.
  • Mini Spatula 


  1. Place your muffin tin in the freezer.
  2. Begin to melt your chips, stirring occasionally.
  3. Once 3/4 melted add 1Tb of coconut oil.
  4. Take your muffin tin out of the freezer and add your bottom layer of the cup, scooping chocolate onto the sides to make the outer layer, and place in freezer.
  5. Begin to melt desired about of almond butter with 1T coconut oil; it really depends on how many cups you made.
  6. Scoop butter into each cup and top with the rest of the chocolate, freeze for 10 minutes or until solid again. 

TBPC Photo Swap


It is not a secret that all women compare. Through active reflection and taking my thoughts captive I have noticed that it is almost second nature to me. I often find myself comparing myself to other women as an instant reflex. And honestly, it's usually not negative thoughts putting other women down, but often putting down myself. 

What a time to be alive, marketing opportunities are literally at people's fingertips; considering we never put down our phones. Doubt creeps in when you see other women running their businesses a certain way. Saying to yourself, "Maybe I should be doing that," "What I am doing isn't right," "I look like a fool compared *Insert Insta Famous Name Here*." But, I know that I have a gift. And outside of people telling me they like my photos, I know that God has called me to use my camera; somehow. 

Community helps put that comparison beneath your feet. So, find it.