Photo by  Joanna Canelas.

                                     Photo by Joanna Canelas.


Oh hey,

So, you’re here because you want photos made of yourself that look good, and you deserve it. I am here to make your idea come true and need be met. Most likely you’re here because, JCPenny photos just won’t cut it anymore, you want art. Yes, that sounds cheesy, but it’s true isn’t it? You want images that evoke emotion, capture the essence of your family and memories; you want art. For your walls, you computer wall paper, your desk at work. 

When you commission me to make your portraits you’re getting a photographer who takes time to find the best location, lighting, time of day, poses, edits and attention to detail. You’re not just getting digital images you’re getting a custom experience which yields beautiful images. 

I am making your portrait, not just taking it. It's my responsibility as your best friend, uh I mean photographer, to make sure you get photos that last a lifetime.

My name is Claire, I've been studying the art of photography since I took my first film class in 8th grade, but really started focusing on digital portraiture in the last 5 years. I graduated from Eckerd College here in Florida in 2014. I currently live in Tarpon Springs with my husband Matt. We don't have dog yet, so if you even hint at bringing yours I will 1000% approve.