My goal
is to provide a complete photography experience. From your inquiry to the moment you receive your final product. Answering questions and filling in those gaps.

My passion is to empower people. Whether it’s through a senior session with a young girl, a branding session for your business, or a class I teach on photography. I want you to leave feeling encouraged.

My heart is to make a difference. I use my photography and platform to bring awareness to social injustices, issues, and non-profits here in the USA and worldwide.

A boutique photography experience


how I run sessions

99% of my clients tell me that they are "so awkward" in front of a camera. I actually say the same thing, and I think for me it's my way of saying "hey, can you make me a little more comfortable during this?" 

My goal is to provide images that you want to see on walls, in albums, and frames around your home. To do that I like to get to know you so your session will be more comfortable. Instead of posing, I call what I do prompting. I will guide you through different activities and interactions to evoke authentic emotions. We will get those standard traditional shots, but for the most part your session will feel like your just hanging out with your people. 

before your session

Typically, I do not like our first "meeting" to be when your session is starting. I like to chat on the phone or meet in person depending on the type of session you have scheduled. I provide tips for session prep and what to wear.



I am down for anything as long as it doesn’t involve sharks. I love beautiful fields and simple urban scapes. If your location idea requires approval, no worries. I love working with local businesses to see how we can get your dream to come true. I am up for anything, as long as there's no sharks. 

There are locations I like to use here in Charlotte, North Carolina and Tampa, Florida.

What you get

All portrait collections include a memorable session, a friend that helps guide you through preparation, a few digitals, and incredible fine art prints. My goal is to provide a well rounded experience. Instead of delivering you an online gallery and calling it day… I like to provide you with prints and other print products shipped right to your door.