Plan ahead.

Girl, life is busy. You blink and you are walking across the stage as they say your name. So, plan ahead. Book a photographer now so you have time to send out those announcements with your cute little self on the front. Let's be honest, announcements = $$$. That mula can help you jumpstart your next season. 

Find the perfect location.

Pick a location you feel comfortable in. If you are not an outdoor girl and would rather not sit in the grass, there are countless other options. Comfortable location = comfortable you = realistic photos. 

Get to know your photographer!

For many of us, a senior session is our first experience with a real photo shoot. When you know the person who is photographing you it breaks the ice and cuts the anxiety. That is why I love getting to you know first; whether we meet for coffee or facetime before your session. 

Stick to your usual get up. 

Be yourself-- wear your hair and makeup the way YOU feel pretty. This is about celebrating you and the woman you have become. Shy away from trying new hairstyles, new hair color, the chop, or a new eye shadow color. You don't want these photos to be the documentation of a that one time your hair turned out purple, instead of auburn. (Yes, I speak from experience)

Wear clothing you feel comfortable in!

When you feel comfortable, you look comfortable. It's that simple. 


20161002-IMG_5342 copy.JPG

Let's start planning today: