TBPC Photo Swap


It is not a secret that all women compare. Through active reflection and taking my thoughts captive I have noticed that it is almost second nature to me. I often find myself comparing myself to other women as an instant reflex. And honestly, it's usually not negative thoughts putting other women down, but often putting down myself. 

What a time to be alive, marketing opportunities are literally at people's fingertips; considering we never put down our phones. Doubt creeps in when you see other women running their businesses a certain way. Saying to yourself, "Maybe I should be doing that," "What I am doing isn't right," "I look like a fool compared *Insert Insta Famous Name Here*." But, I know that I have a gift. And outside of people telling me they like my photos, I know that God has called me to use my camera; somehow. 

Community helps put that comparison beneath your feet. So, find it.