Making the move to full-time.

I'll make this short, because I am not one for long stories.


No, there weren't 5 steps I took to get here. No formula that made sense. Let's rewind a little. There I was at the end of January 2017 with an LLC and a word from God to stop. But, stop what? Surely I hadn't taken the last 5 months to learn what it took to set up a legit business just to stop photography. After some reflection, I realized it wasn't that I needed to stop taking pictures, but I needed to stop comparing. It wasn't the kind of comparing you're probably thinking of because I knew I had a gift in photography. But, rather my path to everyone else's. I often felt like I was spinning my wheels trying to become a "real photographer" and I still felt stuck. Nothing was working. And it wasn't because of me, it was because I wasn't being ME. I would look to see what other photographers were doing and try fit that business model. So, I stopped.

I took a step back from pursuing my business, did a lot of self-reflection. I wouldn't seek after jobs, but if they came my way I would take them. In fall of 2017, I began to feel like I was blooming. Clients were coming left and right. It felt like God was just bringing me person after person. It had to be God because, I wasn't doing anything different really, except trying to focus on my own path. But, here they were, all these people who wanted me to take their picture, right in my path. 

There was I was at the end of January 2018 still with an LLC and a word from God to be unafraid, because spring was coming. Did I know what that meant? Nope, no I didn't. But, it was exciting. It wasn't until someone I trust very much put things into perspective for me when he said, "If you want to do photography, why don't you go do photography?" I had always thought about being a photographer, but I don't know that I ever truly believed I could have my own business.  After that, I really began to think about it and was unafraid. I had a dream, in the dream, I was trying to make a decision, I can't remember what decision, but I remember someone saying to me in the dream, "Claire, this is what you've been waiting for," and then I woke up.

So, here I am taking the leap. Believing and trusting it's time. God continues to open doors and make connections beyond my control. There are a lot of really cool details I left out, and I'd love to tell you some other time, but right now I am going to go watch a softball, then get wings with my husband and start my weekend. 

For anyone who feels like they are called to creative work, we are in a culture with an excess of people pursuing their creative inside ( we all have one ) and a visually overstimulated generation. Don't be too hard on yourself, don't force it, practice makes perfect, and it's cheesy, but being yourself is the best tool you have and the only tool others don't. Who are you when there's no Snapchat, or square to share? Unplug and embrace silence, it's where find your voice. 


Photo by JCanelas Photography