Why prints are important.


One thing I constantly hear from clients is how they've spent so much time and money on getting their families professional images taken, but then the images sit on a CD or on their computer for years, and they never do anything with them.

Your story matters. Your legacy matters. I feel passionate about getting people off their screens and into their real lives. 

Amy, from Rosen Crown Photography in Oregon, puts it perfectly. 


"Imagine for me if you will, that you’ve finally booked reservations at the fine-art dining establishment with the world-renowned chef you’ve been drooling over for months. When you arrive, you order the most extravagant item on the menu while you chat with the friendly waitstaff and enjoy the ambiance of the finely curated restaurant. As you rave about your experience thus far, your loved one sits across from you gazing into your candlelit eyes. Love is in the air. And then your meal arrives hand-delivered by the chef herself…FINALLY! This is the meal you’ve been anxiously awaiting and it’s more beautiful than you could ever imagine. You look at your artfully plated meal and then smile at your dinner date, and before even touching your food, you say, “Wow! This has been an amazing experience. Thank you for the fabulous evening. I had a wonderful time! Now, let’s go home.” Then you gather your things, pay your bill and leave.

Something's missing, right? YES! No one touched their food. While the friendliness of the waitstaff, the ambiance in the room, and the person sitting across from you were all important pieces of your dining experience, you left without experiencing and tasting your 5-star meal. For all that you’ve invested into this date night, you deserve to taste and enjoy the food you’ve purchased! And a full and satisfied belly.

The same is true when it comes to photography. After investing so much time, energy and resources into your session, you are entitled to the complete experience. You deserve to have prints to hold, enjoy, and display. After all, the whole point of hiring a professional to take your photograph is to walk away with custom art in the end. Your memories aren’t meant to live on a hard drive. They are meant to be loved and cherished."


If not for prints why are you investing in photography? Surely, not just for social media "likes"?

Three photos from a mini session last spring.

Three photos from a mini session last spring.

This is why I now offer prints. 

I've been working hard over the last little while to really take my photography services to provide even better images for my clients and part of doing that is now providing prints for clients to put on their walls. You will still get the digitals with each package, but now you will also get beautiful high-end art prints that will really showcase your images in the most beautiful way.