Anxiety doesn't rsvp.

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Confession. Many times I have found myself wide awake in the middle of the night running through the list of things I need to get done. Sometimes I get up and work, other times I scrolling on my phone trying to avoid all the thoughts, and other times I pray. Anxiety doesn’t rsvp. It doesn’t give you a heads up that it’s planning to stop by, it just does.

Since starting my own business and then moving 7 months later, I realize my anxiety is very much real and present. I was very much in my comfort zone the last four years. Welp, the bubble has popped.

Sometimes it hits me out of nowhere. I’ll have a great productive day, book some new clients, deliver galleries, and end the day feeling grateful and then I wake up in the middle of the night with pounding worries and racing thoughts. One thing my business coach taught on besides all the business-y stuff was mindfullness, being thankful, and allowing yourself to feel the worry and fear when it comes instead of trying to mask it.

I think I’ll have “worst case scenario” thoughts the rest of my life, it’s part of my personality and can actually be a strength if fueled properly. But, it’s pushing through the fear that I have been learning about recently. I can’t say that I have figured it out be these things help me get to the morning.

  1. Go all the way.

    Following through on the thought. Going all the way down the “what if” thought to the end. Often I find the end isn’t all that bad, unless it’s the apocalypse, famine, and death. (trust me I’ve gone down this road.) But, seriously I often find that when I go alllll the way down the thought pattern, it’s not all that bad. Even if I fail, God is good and He is for me.

  2. Truth

    Thankful list and mission statement. When I find myself out of wack I start my mornings with these two things. Writing out 10 things I am thankful for, and reading my mission statement out loud. This is statement my coach had me write out that basically states beliefs about myself that haven’t actually happened yet. Example of what mine was for awhile:

    “I am Claire. I am a successful photographer, who has a successful business where I serve clients who value the art of printed memories. Because of my business I live anxiety free and debt free. I drive a new car with a dog in the passenger seat.”

    Some have come true and many I have taken great steps toward.

  3. God’s word

    Each week at church I take notes during the sermon. Throughout the week I take time to rewrite my notes in the margin of my bible.

  4. Community

    Having people you can share your worries with and allowing them to speak into your life and remind you of what is true and stable.