My best advice if you want professional photos.


A passion of mine to help educate you about the photography world. Help you understand, answer questions, help bring clarity to what can be a bit confusing.

There is a never-ending struggle of most photographers is people asking for a lower price or a change in the way I do things so they can afford them. Yes, photography is expensive, but when I hear “I don’t have the budget for that”, I am actually hearing, “I didn’t plan for this and I can’t pay for that, right now, but I’ll see you in a couple months” My husband and I live on a budget, everyone does. Budgets aren’t just for people who make lesser money.

I have run my numbers and I know what I need to make each month to pay for food, make rent, but also to keep my business running smoothly for you. So, let’s run some numbers for you.

If you eat out one a week or even get coffee a few times a week, let’s say you spend $10ish. In the grand scheme of things, $10 is not a ton of money, would you agree? If yes, this whole example makes sense for you; if no, then maybe your planning would take longer, and that’s okay.

If you do this every week, you will have spent roughly $520 for the year eating out or on your fancy lattes (I know I like mine fancy too, it’s more fun). This is actually $30 shy of the cost of my lowest print and digital collection including the session fee. Now, if you want to keep eating out that is okay, I love eating out and going to coffee shops too. But, please stop asking artists to compromise on their pricing so you can spend money elsewhere. If you think we are overpriced for something you can do yourself, (in the most genuine way) please actually do it yourself.

We all need to tell our money where to go, so if in 2019 you would like to have professional photos taken, this is my best advice — start planning for it now.