So, you had your session, got the gallery, and now you have loads of beautiful digital images. Now what? A lot of people never get around to getting their images printed, because they don't know where to start. Here are three ideas you can use in your own home or even office!

All photos shared are from our wedding day by Rachel Burkhart Photography.
*This post is not sponsored by the companies listed. 


Prints - Okay, I know you're thinking, "duh", but stick with me here. You could just go to Walgreens orrrr you could try this. One of my favorite ways to print images is square. I love Social Print Studio. One, they have a few different sizing options, two, their pricing is great on a budget, and three, you can pull images right from your Instagram account. #easypeasy

A tradition I have is to order 24 prints at the end of each year, with images that illustrate that year. 

DIY Frame - This one's for you if you love DIY projects less than $30! I got this digital image from our wedding printed at Staples on a banner material for $19.

  •  4 wood blocks cut about 2 inches longer than the print I chose (they'll do that for you at Lowe's if you ask).
  •  2 hook screws
  • wood glue or nails
  • Twine.

You can use wood glue to fasten the banner to the wooden frame (two for each end), but I placed the banner between two pieces and nailed them together. Screw a hook on each side, tie your twine, then find the perfect spot. BOOM.


Canvas Prints - Now, usually these can be pretty darn pricey, but I have a serious life hack; GROUPON. I got both of these canvas prints for $40 on Groupon. I was a little worried about the print/color quality but, they turned out great. There are a few different companies on there, my only advice is to always check the reviews!