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How to prep for a branding session

Three simple things you can do to prep for a branding session with your photographer!

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  1. Have a goal and let that influence the next three steps.

    What’s the goal of the session and where will these images land? This helps your photographer know what to photograph and which compositions to focus on. Maybe these images will be for rebranding your website, or it’s for an archive of images you wish to pull from over the next few months that highlight your client experience or production process. Know what you’re doing this shoot.

  2. Plan a few outfits, and bring them all.

    Even if you only end up using one outfit sometimes the day of the shoot you decide you don’t like the outfit you chose, or the location doesn’t pair well with the only outfit you brought. Have a few options that can mix and match that way you have options and aren’t tied down on the day of your shoot.

  3. Create a shot list.

    Have your creative director (if you wear all the hats I mean you) come up with a list of shots or themes that you would like to have in the final gallery. This gives the photographer an idea of what you want visually and is a great starting point for your shoot. Often this list will spark ideas that your photographer can also bring to the table. Yes, it’s their job to photograph it, but having the mindset of “you’re the photographer you know what will make me look good”, just isn’t sustainable when trying to create a visual story for your brand. Yes, they can take great photos, but they may not be the photos you thought you wanted. So, make the list and go from there.

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