In 2015, I reached a point in my life where I realized my photography "business" was not working. Seriously, I was doing it all wrong. It was a scary, and quite frankly, an annoying moment of realization. So, during the month of January I participated in a month of fasting along side my church family. I know that God gave me this gift and I desired for Him to show me why. Each week He pointed out a desire in my heart.

+ For women to understand the beauty that God placed within them.

+ For women to feel the potential God placed within them.

+ For women to see how pretty they are.

+ For women to believe they can.

Before all of this was revealed to me I had a photoshoot with Mikala and Chloe to practice with some new presets.  What I did not know at the time;  it stands for everything I would discover in my heart. I now realize that I have potential. The potential to encourage and empower women with my camera. These young women are radiant, strong & real. So are you. Let me show you.

*Canon 7d | 50mm EF 1.8 | Mastin Labs Preset - Portra 400, increased exposure, J-trick, with mild tone adjustments.*