Waco, Texas Trip

Trying out my Fuji XT2 in Waco! So far I don’t really have any complaints about it. I love how fast it focuses and the color quality is great. All of the images in this post were taken with a 23mm (35mm equivalent on a crop sensor).

Magnolia Market

There is so much hype about Magnolia that I think it can easily set your expectations really high when anticipating a visit there. One thing that amazed me was the details, from a cute water station to providing you with a menu while you wait in line for a Silo Cookie. They thought of everything and I was impressed.

The best part, which I think is easily missed if you do not know the story behind this whole place, is the realization of a dream. Jo, yes we are on a nickname basis now, scribbled her vision for the silos on a napkin years ago. Everyone has a dream and I think this place is proof that it’s never to late to bring it to life.


Waco Tip: If you’re going to visit Magnolia Market we went on the Thursday afternoon and it wasn’t too packed.

Downtown Waco

There’s some great murals and old buildings if you’re up for walking! We walked from Spice Village ( do not suggest, it’s nothing special ) to Milo for lunch. Highly suggest Milo, it was a great spot for lunch with out door seating and incredible food. We saw at least 5 murals along the way and a cute little candy shop called “Hey Sugar”.


I am so so happy with the colors on the XT2, the fuji raw was not much different to edit from my canon raws.

Waco Tip: Check out Waco Suspension Bridge that goes over the Brazos River. You can enter the bridge from Indian Springs Park.


Waco Tip: Head to Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits for a great rooftop view of the small town. If you’re up for it, go at sunrise.


We also found some great antique shops on LaSalle Ave. I found 6 old cameras, but refrained from purchasing any because we don’t really have room for that in our little condo. One day I can’t wait to decorate my office/studio with antique cameras and photographs.


Before you leave Waco you have to see the Silos at night. We got ice cream at this cool Nitrogen ice cream shop and then walked there.


Final notes! So, over the past few years Matt and I have taken trips and I always want to bring my camera, but my canon is just too big and bulky. Having the XT2 in my purse was perfect. It was light weight, and personally the quality of the images is very similar. So similar that many people could not tell the difference on my Instagram when I posted a side by side comparison. It focuses fast AND will transfer images shot in jpg onto your phone using the FujiFilm app.

I don’t know if I would suggest this camera for low light situations, but so far it has worked for my needs. From senior portraits to personal travel.