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teen modeling in charlotte


The CR Model Team is for junior or senior gals in high school or college. It’s for the adventurous, creative, unique young woman who is passionate about life, the things she loves and loves trying something new. Does this sound like you?

Perfect I’d love for you to apply for my 2020/2021 team!

How does it work?

The team gets together for marketing shoots, coffee (yeeet), and fun events throughout the year! It’s a great way to meet new people, practice modeling, and even learn about photography. (The best way to learn about posing is to be the posed.) Seniors are my favorite type of photography and I want this experience to be fun for my team. So we try all sorts of cool locations, and fun creative ideas! I am also an open book, so if you’re interested in learning about photography I am willing to share about behind the scenes for my business with my team as well. No modeling experience is required!

What are the expectations?

Team members are expected to share photos, IG stories, and curated content created by me on their social media outlets. This is how they get their referrals. Referrals get you discounts and free stuff! Attend events, be active in our group chats, and in sharing info about my services with friends and family. Oh, and have fun with it!

Do I need to take this seriously?

Well, yes please! Photography is my business. I take my time planning shoots and events for my team very seriously. It’s one of my favorite things to do! Think of this as a little side hustle for you. Not everyone who applies is chosen for the team, so if this is not something you have the margin for please allow someone else to have your spot.